Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are Brooke and Her Mom On Better Terms?

It seems like they are. Brooke Posted the picture above on her Official Twitter page with the caption, My sexy mom. Things between Brooke and her mother have been strained since she began dating her much younger boyfriend. I really hope things are better between Brooke and her mom. Life is much too short to be fighting with people who love you the most.


  1. thats cool that they patch things up and i just wish the best for linda i hope the guy she is with dont screw around on her or dont make things bad for linda she seems really into the guy but the guy is young and he does like to party at his age. and i am sure he looks at other woman cause what guy dont at that age his hormons are going a mile a min and at lindas age i dont think she is into the parting stage any more she is a beatiful sexy and very attrative womoan/MILF no disrespect and i think she maybe looking to settle down some time in the near furture well wish you the best in everything Linda and hope everything is going the way you want it to God Bless you and your family and best wishes beautiful

    1. i think she is retarded dating young guys that just want sex. she should think about her role as a parent and stop acting like a teenager in highschool.

    2. I think Linda and Charlie broke up after being on the VH1 reality show, "Couple Therapy" together.